Simple solutions are the best.

That is why you only have to set the most important parameters in your thermostat.

The algorithms operating in the thermostat ensure the completion of background tasks without absorbing your time.

Design and regional features

Developed with care, minimalist, state-of-the-art design was created by a group of designers from Poznań.

The entire process of creation, concept development and production of the thermostat with its components takes place in cooperation with local Polish family enterprises.

E-Ink technology

Monochrome E-Ink display consumes energy only for changing the displayed image.

The display features excellent contrast and a light sensor which controls energy consumption.

Simple interface

The interface uses clear icons enabling intuitive and easy programming and temperature setting.

Effortless setting of basic parameters featuring extended menu for expert technicians.

Enjoy your life, we will ensure warm atmosphere.

The main task of the room thermostat consists in achieving the temperatures expected in given time periods by controlling the heating/cooling source in an adequate way.

The thermostat controls the operation of devices, which permits users to set the room temperature and therefore adjust the boiler operation to the lifestyle and preferences of household members.

It enables convenient control of heating from a single spot at home while offering a wide range of functions for optimum comfort and simultaneous energy and cost saving.

If you struggle with an issue of overheated rooms where children or elderly people stay or you are familiar with rooms unnecessarily heated in the absence of residents, experience the excellent solution offered by Euroster 4040.

PWM function
Comfort guaranteed by intelligent switch-on of the controlled device at a point in time calculated based on the temperature increase algorithm. It assures the comfort of stable temperature without fluctuations of the hysteresis.
Heating in advance
The thermostat operation with the heating or cooling source that guarantees the achievement of the expected ambient temperature at a given point in time.
Easily available switch enables users to switch between heating and cooling operation or switching the thermostat off after the heating season.
Well-designed software
Effortless, intuitive setting of basic parameters featuring extended menu for expert technicians.
Energy management available anywhere you are.

Using the thermostat with an on-line module enables continuous monitoring of the temperature fluctuations in the place of thermostat installation and prompt correction when necessary.

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world (via Internet)
  • On-line Wi-Fi module: 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

You may control the temperature at your house from anywhere in the world using a simple mobile application available for iOS and Android environments.

In the case of Wi-Fi blackout, the thermostat continues to control the device by means of radio communication.

Euroster 4040

Wired version.

Connected with a cable, wall mounted.

Euroster 4040 TXRX

Wireless version.

Signal is transferred by radio communication; the location of the thermostat is not restricted.

Euroster 4040 Smart

Wi-Fi module version

Signal is transferred by radio communication, digital control by a mobile or desktop application.

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